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Winter Sports

Crescent Lake School-Winter Sports 2023-2024

Gunstock registration link

For the step-by-step 2023-2024 registration instructions, click here.

For the Outreach Program Student and Family Guide 2024, please click here

For the Gunstock safety guide and video, click here.

For help with the Gunstock eStore, scroll below to see the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Crescent Lake School-Winter Sports 2023-2024

Yes, it’s the time of year to begin preparing for our Winter Sports Program 2024.  This year students will choose from snowboarding, skiing, ice skating or snowshoeing.  Our skiers and snowboarders will be going back to Gunstock in Gilford.  Our skaters will be going to the Pop Whalen Ice and Arts Center this year and our snowshoers will explore the grounds around CLS.  Students will eat lunch at school before leaving for their Winter Sports activity.  The prices jump quickly for Gunstock if you miss the initial deadline so please look carefully at the dates.  There is also a strict deadline to sign up for skiing/snowboarding at Gunstock.  There are no exceptions if you miss the deadline.

The CLS Winter Sports dates are the four Thursdays in January: January 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. (Make-up Day of Winter Sports is canceled: February 1st)

Skiers and Snowboarders will need to be picked up 

at CLS no later than 5:00 pm.  

Skaters and Snowshoers will all return to CLS in time for regular bus dismissal.


Option 1: Skiing or Snowboarding at Gunstock:

If you choose this option participants will be taking part in the Gunstock Outreach Program.  Each student will receive a 2023/24 Season Pass (see below for two different options) which includes our 4 program days (Jan 4, 11, 18, 25), a complimentary rental (with a helmet) and a 50 minute lesson for each program day.  Adaptive skiing is available upon request. Please email ASAP if your child needs adaptive skiing.  We will leave CLS around 11:30 and arrive at Gunstock around 12:00 pm.  We will ski/board until 4:00 and then be picked up between 4:15 and 4:30 to return to CLS.  Parents may opt to sign their children out at the mountain if they would like to stay until 8:00pm.  

Skiers and snowboarders must wear a helmet.

The final deadline to register to ski or board with Gunstock is November 17th.  Prices increase after October 27th.


Skiing and Snowboarding Price Options* 

  • If you register and pay between Sept 29th and October 27th, you will receive Tier 1 pricing:

Option 1:  Midweek Pass for $175: The midweek pass is valid from beginning to end of season Monday-Friday during Non-Holiday Periods. Midweek passholders receive 50% off lift ticket purchases every Saturday and Sunday and during our holiday periods, which are 12/25/23-12/29/23 (vacation week), 1/1/24, 1/15/24 (Martin Luther King Day), and 2/19-2/23/24 (which luckily for us is not our vacation week).

Option 2: Season Pass for $325: The Season Pass is valid from the beginning to end of season every day of the 2023-2024 winter season with no black-out dates.

  • Both options in Tier 1 include six  50% Off Lift Ticket vouchers for friends and family.  

  • If you register and pay between October 28 and November 17, you will receive Tier 2 pricing:

Option 1:  Midweek Pass goes up to $225

Option 2: Season Pass for $375:

  • Both options in Tier 2 include four  50% Off Lift Ticket vouchers for friends and family.  

*Night skiing for both passes have free rentals and students in the program will receive 50% off rentals on other days (with the exception of helmet rentals- those are $12 apiece).


Sign-up deadlines will be strictly enforced by Gunstock.  Students who have not purchased a pass on the Gunstock estore by the close of registration on 11/17/23 will not be allowed to participate in the CLS Gunstock ski/board program.


Gunstock Registration:

Gunstock downhill ski and snowboard participants must complete both the registration form attached to give back to CLS as well as purchase a pass on the Gunstock eStore.  Families must sign the waiver and add a picture to their child’s account. The link to complete this will be provided in the Student Activities tab on the CLS website and at the bottom of the main page on our CLS website by September 29th. There will also be a link there that will provide step-by-step directions on how to register.

*Please note that the Gunstock eStore (to register) can be slow to load.  


You MUST choose either a ski or snowboard lesson, even if your child is at an advanced level. If you are unsure about equipment, please add rentals as they are included in the cost.  The cost is the same even if you have your own equipment.  It’s always better to add it and not need it, than to not add it and add it late which could result in your child missing time on the mountain (and potentially their lesson).

  • Parents/guardians must create an account and then add each child onto that account.  This will allow you to sign a waiver to allow the student to participate, register and pay. Please see the link on our CLS website for a step-by-step guide on how to register.

  • If you need help accessing the 50% off vouchers, refer to the Gunstock eStore FAQ page in your packet or on our website.


Please see the Outreach Student and Family Guide linked on our website or see the attached FAQ and Gunstock eStore FAQ for more information.


Chaperones: We need chaperones to make this event a success.  However, we are only given so many free chaperone passes which must be used first for our staff.  Any extra free passes will be given to chaperones, but they are not guaranteed.  You may use your child’s 50% off voucher if you wish.  If you are interested in chaperoning, please contact Chrissy Rapoza at for more information.  If you completed your fingerprinting and background check last year or the year before, then you are all set.  If you did not, please contact Chrissy Rapoza for paperwork as soon as possible so that you can get it done ASAP.  Last year it took a few weeks to a month to get cleared and we want to make sure that you can get it done in time to be cleared.


Save the Date: Gunstock night for rental fittings and photos for RFID passes will be December 13th from 5:00pm-8:00pm. Students and chaperones will be able to sign waivers, have photos taken, pick up their RFID cards, have a rental fitting, take a tour of the new facilities, and visit the retail store.  A significant discount is being offered to all Outreach Pass holders towards the purchase of a helmet this year. If you have your RFID card from last year, that card will be reactivated from last year.  If you lost it, you will need to pay $5 for a new one. If you are new to Gunstock and are unable to pick up your RFID card, please email Chrissy Rapoza at so that she can grab your child’s pass on the first day.

Bus Fee to Gunstock:

In addition to the cost of the program, we are asking you to help out with the cost of transportation.  Please send in either $10 cash or a check made out to CLS.  

Option 2: Skating at the Pop Whalen Ice and Arts Center:

The bus will pick up students at CLS and bring them to the Pop Whalen Ice and Arts Center.  Skaters will skate from 12:30-1:30 and then return to school for activities. The rink will only be open to CLS students during this time.  Skaters must bring their own helmet.  Bike helmets are fine.  


The cost for skating and transportation for four weeks is $20. Students who have their own skates should bring those. For those who need rental skates, you will pay an additional fee of $24 ($6 per week) for a total of $44. All skating payments will be paid to: CLS.

Chaperones are welcome!  There is no cost for chaperones unless you need to rent. The cost for rentals are the same ($24). Chaperones would meet us at Pop Whalen at 12:15 and stay until students are back on the bus by 1:45.  If you were approved last year or the year before to chaperone, you are good.  If not, you will need to complete the necessary paperwork.  Please check with the main office of school or Mrs. Rapoza if you are unsure of your volunteer status. 

Option 3: Snowshoeing Information:

Snowshoers will snowshoe around the school grounds here at CLS and on trails behind our school. Students will be provided with equipment to snowshoe from CLS in the afternoon if needed.  There is no cost for this activity.


Chaperones are welcome for this activity as well, but you need to be an approved volunteer.  If you need snowshoes, let us know.

Please complete the information/registration form on the next page and return it to school by October 19, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Chrissy Rapoza at

*Please contact the main office at 603-569-0223 for scholarship information for skiing, boarding and skating ASAP so we can help you and your child.


Students attending Gunstock:

It is the family's responsibility to complete the Outreach Pass within the deadline, ensure your child’s waiver is signed, photos are updated each year, and the RFID card is picked up prior to the first day of the Program (if they don’t already have an RFID card from last year).  If you are new to Gunstock and are unable to pick up the RFID card before our first program day, you must email one week prior to the first program day so that she can pick it up for your child.

  • Photographs can be taken at the pass night on Dec 15th from 5:00-8:00 or a photograph can be uploaded online or can be sent via email to to be uploaded for you. 

  • Waivers can be signed either at Pass Night or in your eStore account. Check the eStore FAQ if you need help with this.

  • Note that students who forget or lose their RFID card will be charged $5.00 for a replacement card. We do encourage every child having $5 of Mountain Money in their account if they should lose their RFID card.  

  • It is expected that students who had an RFID card from last year will use the same one.  If you need a new one, you will be charged $5 for a replacement. This is a new rule this year from Gunstock. Please stop by Gunstock to get a new one if your child has lost theirs.

  • We will be back in the Pistol Pub area this year so students will be allowed and have the opportunity to buy food/drink this year.  You can add money to their Mountain Money account if you prefer they don’t carry cash. We encourage everyone to bring a drink and snack with them.

  • If you are a returning family to the program, please test out your account sooner rather than later to make sure you can get it.  Do not wait until the last few days to sign in and check out.  If there is an issue getting into your account, we’ll have time to resolve it.

  • If you purchased a pass this spring for your child, you will need to convert your pass to an Outreach pass.  If this is the case, please refer to the directions on the FAQ page.

  • For more detailed information about Gunstock, please refer to the Outreach Student and Family Guide linked on the CLS website. Select Student Activities and then Winter Sports.

  • If you have any issues with setting up your account or logging in to the eStore, use the FAQ page for help.  If you are still struggling, please call the ticket office at               (603) 737-4388 or email for assistance.

  • If you sign up for rentals and no longer need rentals, please let Chrissy Rapoza know.

First page of the PDF file: GunstockeStoreFAQp1
First page of the PDF file: GunstockeStoreFAQp2
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