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Drama Club and Set Crew

Drama Club and Set Crew

Drama Club and Set Crew

Drama Club is Crescent Lake’s longstanding theater club. Students learn acting basics, musical numbers, set design, and choreography, ending with a production for the CLS community at the Kingswood Arts Center.  

The 2023 production is The Legend of Polar Mountain.

Imagine a land all covered in snow and ice, where the sun sets in autumn and is gone for many months, and the only illumination in the winter sky is the mysterious, shimmering Northern Lights! Share in the tale of a young girl named Galena, her little brother Tagalong, and their magical night on Polar Mountain where they meet a giant snowman, a snow princess and much more! That’s right–the Crescent Lake School Drama Club is back! This year, our performance will be The Legend of Polar Mountain. There are many roles for on-stage performers and rehearsals will start on Tuesday, November 29, right after Thanksgiving. We will also have a set crew again this year to help make and control our props and sets. Rehearsals for set crew will begin in January. Permission slips for both onstage and set crew went home.  We hope many of you will join us in our telling of this wintry tale.

Click here for the drama club calendar.

Click here for the drama club permission slip.


The Legend of Polar Mountain

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