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Drama Club and Set Crew

Drama Club and Set Crew

Drama Club and Set Crew

Drama Club is Crescent Lake’s longstanding theater club. Students learn acting basics, musical numbers, set design, and choreography, ending with a production for the CLS community at the Kingswood Arts Center.  

The 2024 production is Dig It!

Travel back in time and join inquisitive archaeologists Taki and Tut, along with their fossil friend Lucy, as they explore the wonders of ancient civilization. From the farm laborers of early Mesopotamia and Egyptian mummies who rap, to a chorus of ancient Greeks, to Romulus and Remus who dream of building a great city, come along with us and discover the archeological mysteries of the past. 

Our final show will be on Thursday, April 11, 2024 at the Kingswood Arts Center. 


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The Legend of Polar Mountain

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